Friday, September 26, 2008

And now the biggest fall in the financial capital of the world

Troubled times continue in the financial capital of the world. The latest casualty is one of America’s most storied organizations - a part of their history and folklore. It was this organization which first made the pin stripes a dress code – something which has now become a dress code across Wall Street.

Their fall comes after 13 glorious years including 4 as the best performers in the whole world. In a performance driven world this organization had the highest salaries and bonuses this year – 207 million dollars in all. And the worst part – they now have to vacate their famous office – a land mark site in the city, nicknamed after one of their most legendry employees.

So is the Federal govt doing something about it?

No, in fact some industry watchers are making fun of the government’s inability to do anything in this case.

God knows what America is coming to


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1 comment:

scorpicity said...

It took so many geniuses to build that and one idiot at the helm to bring it all down.